Our founders are passionate about the business of international payments and technology, they also realize that most importantly we operate in a people driven Industry.

Lowcostfx was incorporated in 2017 in London and today is growing offices throughout Europe.

Our team has over 15 years industry experience, and has been fortunate enough to work with some of the biggest industry leaders for foreign currency payments processing billions of pounds annually.

We also recognize that customer service is paramount and for that reason our teams main focus is that we offer exceptional service to all of our clients & partners.

Meet the team

Chris Costas Director

With over 15 years industry experience within Foreign Exchange and after working with some of the largest players in today’s industry. He still enjoys the business forefront, ensuring that clients best interests are served, along with a keen eye for price sensitivity and customer satisfaction. Incorporated by Chris in 2017 Lowcostfx Ltd and has grown from the UK and is enjoying expanding into European offices.

Joseph Lehaf Managing Director

With a Masters Degree in sports medicine and a passion for understanding the body's core functions. His attention to detail is essential in operating Lowcostfx dealing platforms. Joseph originally started with Lowcostfx and is a joint visionary in growing the company throughout Europe and beyond.

Emilios Loizou Head of Business Development

Emilios has become the Head Of Development at LowcostFX since 2019. He is a strong business professional with a BSc focused in Banking & Finance from University of Essex. He carries a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry, with a position at Terragarda Ltd as Operations Manager and a position at the Cyprus Stock Exchange as an intern. His interpersonal skills, critical thinking and problemsolving capabilities make him an ideal business partner for the FX industry.

Kasun Heath Head of UK Sales

Kasun is a professional with over 10 years of experience in various industries including hospitality, retail and corporate. Having served as a police constable in the Metropolitan Police, Kasun possesses a vast skill set from great communication skills to problem solving under pressure.

His capability to exceed expectations and go the extra mile makes him the ideal individual to lead our UK division.

Olivia Diakou Business Development Manager

A team-oriented professional with a positive and joyful attitude. Her previous experience was in the gaming and marketing industry. Now part of LowcostFX her main role is to ensure the success of our customer's transactions in terms of achieving the best rates for their businesses and assisting them through every step.

Panagiotis Malandrakis Business Development Manager

A dynamic and motivated professional with exceptional communication skills. Graduated within business and an Economics Degree, he begun his professional experience within the bank industry in Athens. Now part of Lowcostfx , he specializes in currency exchange, hedging stratedgies and helping businesses budget there exposure.

Demetris Proxenou Business Development Manager

Through his experience with international franchises in several management positions, Demetris gained practical experience on when and how to decrease unnecessary costs and use that as an advantage to scale a business to the next level. Equipped with exceptional communication skills and a customer driven mindset he chose to apply his potential in the FX industry

Nick Sergiou Business Development Manager

An accomplished national athlete, a University sports scientist with a Master’s Degree, followed by 2 years in a First Division Football as Team Manager and Finance Director.

Foreign Exchangea fascinating subject to him,his skillset a match to LowcostFX, inspiring businessesand assisting clients with their treasury needs.

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